Each year of Big Medium's art tour we open our doors and invite the community to view artwork by a selection of local artists. The art is installed in our artful home, and the audience gets to experience the work outside the traditional white box gallery.

The women selected for this annual exhibition demonstrate a mastery of their medium and a dedication to their craft.


This edition of High Craft Art Market features:
Erin Cunningham (sculpture)

Lucero Archuleta (photography)

TAWA Threads (textiles)

Griselda Peña (adornment)

View the exhibition as it would be in person.

Griselda Peña Orchid Necklaces

Orchid Pendants Griselda Peña

Erin Cunningham sculpture

Press Fit #1, Erin Cunningham


All photos by Lucero Photography

This show is dedicated to the loving memory of Laurie Lowe,

for without whom, our house would not have become our home.


A special 'Thank You' to our partner, Give Realty.

Check out pictures from years past.